March 17, 2019

Our History

Giardina Hnos. SRL

Giardina hnos.

Our family business, born in General Alvear, Mendoza, 70 years ago, is currently made up of members of the third and fourth generation of the Giardina family.

Giardina Hnos - Empaque antiguo

More than half a century ago, with the arrival of Carmelo Giardina from Italy, the production of table grapes and vegetables began, as well as the first exports of fresh fruit from Mendoza.

Benito Giardina, son of Carmelo, makes the first packaging of the firm, beginning the commercialization of fresh fruit in the markets of Buenos Aires with the brand "Frutas Giardina", with his son Rubén in charge of transporting it.

Giardina Hermanos Empaque antiguo

After traveling several paths, Rubén created the firm "Frutas Oeste" and with it began work in the Alto Valle de Río Negro to sell fresh fruit not only in Argentina but also in the rest of the world. Parallel to this project, the area planted in General Alvear is increased, reaching 130 net hectares, with 80% pears and 20% apples, peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums, later, a new packing plant is acquired to process 4,000 packages per day and 8 cold storage and conservation chambers are built.

Years later, continuing with the family passion, he joined the signs a new generation of young professionals, giving rise to «Giardina Hnos. SRL».

Established definitively in the Alto Valle de Rio Negro, the company increases its processing capacity to 8000 packages per day and continues its journey marketing its own fruit and a wide catalog of producers.

To over time, the seriousness and transparency with which we work became a hallmark of our company, this allowed us to create trustworthy links with each of our fruit customers and suppliers.

The incorporation of new technologies and the professionalism of our team have allowed us to satisfy the needs and requirements of each member of the production and commercial chain.

Currently, our main objective is to grow progressively together with our producers and continue marketing quality fruit, consolidate our brands within the country and progressively expand distribution destinations abroad, consolidating our company as one of the most reliable fruit marketers in the sector.

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