March 26, 2019


This fruit contains many nutritional properties and beneficial effects for the body, it is very energetic and provides a high percentage of dietary fiber, which is why they are known for the laxative power they confer. They contain vitamin A, C, B1, B2, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, among others. They provide 46 kcal in 100 gr of plum.

It is consumed fresh and also has many culinary uses, due to its good sugar/acidity balance it accompanies sauces, meats and salads, it is also widely used in sweets, juices and liqueurs. It is characterized because it is widely consumed as a dehydrated raisin.


The fruits are medium to large, rounded and small pitted, the color of the cover varies from reddish pink to dark purple, the pulp is yellow, in some varieties it stains red close to the skin, with a firm, fibrous texture. , very juicy, sweet flavor and very aromatic. It is of good resistance to transportation and preservation capacity.




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